Plan B Grumari Pro

Looks like feedback from the tour has been taken on board with the state of pollution, crowds and sloppy surf at the main event, so the Brazillian leg of the WCT Oi Rio Pro tour has been taken to the beautiful sewage and crowd-free location of Grumari about an hour and a half Southwest from the main arena. We’ve added the spot here so you can check the conditions, which are a little more consistent for the type of surfing the pros do while on lay days and on freesurf sessions. Forecast looks to be good for the start of the comp […]

Battle for Bells

The battle for the bells is on! Round 2 in the tour and looks like some nice SW swell with a low WSW wind, the clincher here is the swell period of 13.5 sec creating a multiplier on the swell itself setting up some nice walls and smooth clean waves..should be a good one! Bells beach forecast here WSL Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach here: –  

Snapper Rocks is on!

CONGRATULATIONS MATTY WILKO & TYLER WRIGHT!! Kicking off the WCT – Snapper rocks is looking to have excellent conditions for the start of the tour.. Looking like a nice solid swell in the 4-5ft range for the rest of the week so expecting some exciting action! For all the action and latest updates check out the comp here – 2016 Quicksilver Pro gold Coast  

Pipe masters 2015

The world title race is on – and it’s gonna be a nail-biter – so far we have two favourites out – two retiring this event and a dream superheat about to start between Slater, Florence and Fanning! Check the official event here. If you’re staying in the area here’s the forecast for pipeline UPDATE: Congratulations to ADS for a well deserved win – after 10 years of grinding on the tour he finally cracked it!