Volcom Pipeline Pro

Round 3 and it’s getting interesting – G.O.A.T and JOB are both out in surprise exits and the field is being dominated by Makua dropping 10’s with local knowlege ruling. Watch the Volcom Pipe Pro live right here. Surfingweather pipeline report is here. The call is for a storm to hit the event tomorrow and as it’s been unpredictable we’ll have to wait ’till it passes to get an idea of when it’ll run again.

Waimea Bay

We’ve just added Waimea bay to the list of spots, just in time for the Eddie which was set to go today…unfortunately the swell didn’t materialise on time, but everyone is hanging on the commissioners final say. Crowds turned out early to secure a car park spot only to be left disappointed at the last minute. Our prediction? THURSDAY nope.- stay tuned 2017! – as is often the case, swells slow down from the initial boost they get from a storm and tend to arrive 1 day later than forecast, because.. friction. Tomorrow is looking large with no wind, ideal conditions for […]